About me

      Hello ! I'm Aldana Ponce. I am 14 years old. My birthday is on 11st august. I'm go to San Francisco Solano school, it's great. I get up at 6.30 and I wear my school uniform, then I cleen my teeth and after that, I have breakfast. I go to school at 7.15 with Melani and Agustín by car. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I usually sleep or I meet my boyfriend. On Tuesday and Thursday I have gimnastic. When I get home, I have a shower and then I go to english classes. After that, I do my homework and then I use the computer. At the weekend I meet my friends and family, I use my computer, I stay with my little sister, and finally on Sundays I do my homework.
    My parents are Laura and German (then, in "family" I'm going to talk about them). I have a little sister called Camila. She is only 2 months! I REALLY love she♥ I have a cat and a dog. The dog is called Kiara and the cat is called Ozzy (than Ozzy Osbourne). My best friends are Agustina, Agostina and Agustin (similar names haha), I love them so much !! Then, I'm going to talk about them in "Friends". 
    My favourite bands are Nirvana and Metallica. I love rock, grunge, heavy metal, but I listen more music. In "Music" I'm going to put photos about those bands :)
 Goodbye ! :)

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